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Your data will play a vital role in revolutionizing mental health and workplace wellness, but more importantly, your privacy and confidentiality are vital to us. So it is our duty to inform you what exact data points are we collecting and how we are using it.

Why do we collect data?

At Neurum, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way mental health is diagnosed using real-time, real-world data. What this means is rather than relying on self-reported outcomes, we can use information collected from everyday devices - enabling for a more accurate assessment of one's mental health and detriments to be detected in real-time for just in time support. All this starts with being able to quantify one's mental health through this new digital medium. By using Clara, you are playing a vital role in shaping the future of mental health. 

What data do we collect data?

To provide you with our wellness service, Clara collects both health and behavioural data. These data points are used to provide the following functionalities:


1) To track and measure your mental state and wellness.

2) To detect mental health detriments and enable just in time support


Behavioural Data

We collect behavioural data points in order to enable for just in time mental health detriment detection, specifically the way you interact behaviourally with your computer. It is important to note that we only collect "how" you use your computer opposed to "what" you use your computer for. We add an extra step to mask the content of what you type and the contextual information of the computer.


Key takeaways:

a) We mask the content of what you are typing to ensure privacy

b) We only collect your behaviours and have no access to the context of your interactions


Health Data

In order to track your mental state and wellness, we use validated assessments and evidence-based techniques. Your data is only available to stakeholders whom you control to have access to. 


We health data points we collect:

a) Clinical Assessments

We use industry validated assessments

b) Mood

You have full access who gets to see this data.



We have protocols to ensure that your data and confidentiality is kept. We use banking-grade encryption on both the storage and transmission of all data on our platform. Any further questions feel free to contact us at



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