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Clara: A Digital Mental Health Self-help and Support Service Project


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Hello from Neurum Health, and welcome to the Clara Research Project. In this research project, we are keen on investigating the effectiveness of mental health support and services delivered through a smartphone application. The groups we are interested in are adults (age 18 or above) who have stable, and consistent access to the internet.


You can visit our website www.neurumhealth.com and drop us a message via the contact form, or e-mail hello@neurumhealth.com directly for an invitation to join. The smartphone app will contain mental health-related information, gold-standard screening questionnaires, and personalised exercises you can do at your own pace. We hope that you will find Clara helpful in gaining awareness and education around mental health and illness, and improvements and sustainability in your own mental health.


After the registration progress is complete via downloading the app and receiving a confirmation email, you can provide your consent electronically in the smartphone app itself during the onboarding process. Once you have consented and signed in successfully, Clara’s system will be able to kickstart the learning a recommendation system which aims to tailor mental health support and services to you.


This project is not funded by any external funding bodies and is a joint collaborative effort with the Hong Kong University (Department of Psychiatry, and The Experimental Psychopathology Lab). This research project’s principal investigator is Dr. Meanne Chan


All personal information and records will be encrypted and strictly protected to safeguard your privacy and safety. Only aggregated and non-identifiable results will be published in future. Your identities will be kept confidential. This project may form collaborations with different organisations; however, none of your identifiable data or personal information will be shared with collaborating parties. According to existing and current literature, this research project does not cause disturbances or have risks directed to our participants. No charge and no monetary remuneration is involved in this research project.


This research project is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw from this research project at any time without reason. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the research staff at hello@neurumhealth.com or call +852 92282299 when need be.


I agree to participate in this research project and understand the following.


  • I fully understand the purpose, nature, time of the research project, and potential risks of this research project

  • I fully understand that this research project is completely voluntary and I can withdraw from this research project at any time

  • I fully understand that I can raise my questions regarding this research project to the researcher at any time

  • All the personal information collected in this research project will be strictly protected that only researcher(s) and Neurum Ltd. team members involved in this research project will be able to get access to the data. The research team will also have a proper arrangement to protect the data from leaking.

  • Only aggregated results will be published in the future and the identities of participants will be kept confidential when the results of this research project are published.

Should you have any questions about the rights of participating in this research project, please contact hello@neurumhealth.com or call +852 92282299.




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