Let's address employee mental health

Millions of employees struggle with mental health issues, leading to impacts on productivity, wellbeing, burnout, turnover and more. Neurum helps tackle these barriers before they can start to impact overall productivity.
1 in 4
Need support
Half of Millennials and 75% of Generation Z employees have left a job for mental health reasons
Will not actively seek professional help when in distress
and not all of life's challenges require a therapist or medication
Want employers to provide support
Companies are making strides to address mental health

Successful implementations tackle prevention

On-demand preventative care
Neurum empowers every employee with preventative care and helps them tackle barriers early instead of addressing a mental health issue after it becomes unmanagable. With the privacy of their phones, members have access to:
  • Personalized self-care & skill building programs
  • Gold-standard mental health screening
  • Mental health and lifestyle insights and progress
Discussion between co-workers
Quality care with human support
With our premium company subscription, members have access to licensed counsellors and clinical psychologists and matched based on their unique needs. Members can instantly make live video consult appointments with their practitioners directly on the app.
  • Licensed counsellors and clinical psychologists
  • Direct scheduling and video consultation
See and feel the impact with proven outcomes
Research study shows improvements in well-being and distress levels of members who utilize our solution
1 in 3
of all employees signed up for the Neurum app within the first year
Reduction in distress symptoms reported after 4 weeks of usage.
4.8 / 5
Member rating after completing Neurum app's recommended support.

Ready when you are

See how we have made deployment and engagement easy for our partners
Learn why 86% of employees signed up for Neurum's wellness app and why PALO IT entrusted Neurum Health with their first mental health initiative.
Learn how PAL looked to Neurum Health to successfully launch its first mental health initiative internally to a majority Chinese population.
Coming Soon
Learn how we partnered with a Fortune 500 insurance company and integrated with their existing platform to promote mental wellbeing all across Hong Kong.

You're in good company

Hear it from our partners and community
Amin Tse from PALO IT Hong Kong shares his customer story from a Head of Human Resource’s perspective.
Adrian Wong from Swire Group shares his personal story with Clara from an employee’s perspective.

What impact does this have on your company?

Calculate the impact for not implementing preventative care.
Number of employees at your company
Employees are not coping well and need support
of productivity lost due to mental health problems
Annual cost to your
company (HKD)
Calculated based on research of APAC workplaces
Designing a strategy for your workplace?
Read our whitepaper to get invaluable insights into workplace wellbeing.
Discussion between co-workers
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