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Tackling important mental health topics with our expert guests

Deny, Accept, Thrive: Living with chronic illness with Sophia Hotung

“At first I made myself believe that I'm not ill, but eventually accepted that I am chronic ill. When I got my wheelchair, it was the happiest moment in my life, because it means I can go out more, and do more," said Sophia. Sophia Hotung is a self-taught illustrator, passionate writer and a chronic illness advocate. In her conversation with our host, she shared the power of reframing thoughts and focusing energy on celebrating small wins!
Episode 21

For the Love of Me: A life changing decision with Emery Fung

Sometimes, people say 'things change.' They do change, and have we really thought about how much change we can make to our lives? Adrian Bebbington-Wong talks with Emery Fung about his decision to transition, the challenges he's been going through constantly, and of course, the unlimited opportunities that the life-changing decision has presented to him!
Episode 20

For the Love of Me: Grow through what you go through with Louisa Choi

'Grow through what you go through,' Louisa wrote in her very first collection of poems, titled Growth. Adrian Bebbington-Wong speaks with Louisa Choi, Korean American Poet, about her identity, the hurdles when she practises self-love, and how she turned her childhood experience into words and poems. This episode is all about discovering, healing and growing.
Episode 19

For the Love of Me: Bringing passion to life with Tilly Boleyn

Adrian Bebbington-Wong speaks with Tilly Boleyn, Head of Curatorial at Science Gallery Melbourne. We explore Tilly's career shift that brings her passion for science and art together, the rationale of the art exhibition of "Mental - Colours of Wellbeing" which is live in Singapore, as well as her self-care practice.
Episode 18

For the Love of Me: Finding values with Caleb Chiu

Our new series is entitled "For the Love of Me" because self-care is simply vital! In the first episode, our new host Adrian Bebbington-Wong talks with Caleb Chiu, co-founder & CTO at Neurum Health, about how the experiences of living in different cultures inform who he is today, his value-finding journey and his purposeful entrepreneurship.
Episode 17

Success in Love with Dr. Sharmeen Shroff

In this episode, Steph chats with Dr. Sharmeen Shroff, a registered Hong Kong Clinical Psychologist who has extensive experience training and working in the UK, US, and Hong Kong. They discuss the hallmarks of a good romantic partnership, typical challenges that partners can face, and how we can take concrete steps toward improving our romantic relationships.
Episode 16

Exploring the Link Between Skin Health & Mental Health with Dr. Winnie Mui

In this episode, Steph sits down with Dr. Winnie Mui., a general practitioner who also practices aesthetic medicine. Together, they explore the links between skin health and mental health, how skin health can influence our body image perceptions, and how we can take care of both our minds and bodies.
Episode 15

Highlighting Human Stories: A Conversation with Rebecca Lai

In this episode, Steph speaks with Rebecca Lai. In this episode, Rebecca shares her experiences of caring for loved ones struggling with mental illness while balancing her role in a high-performance environment.
Episode 14

Highlighting Human Stories: A Conversation with Benita Chick

In this episode, Steph speaks with Benita Chick. Having had extensive academic and work experience in research, psychology, education, and experiential learning, Benita has a diverse range of interests and works both professionally and personally to advocate for social causes.
Episode 13

Highlighting Human Stories: A Conversation with Jax Rennie

In this episode, Steph speaks with Jax Rennie, who shares how an encounter with a health crisis led to a period of deep self-exploration, and eventually, a career shift from being a ux designer to becoming a life designer and financial wellness advocate.
Episode 12

Bring on the Banter: An Interview with the Body Banter Team!

In this episode, Justin speaks to Steph and Natalie from Body Banter, an organization that aims to create empowering and accessible opportunities for young people to find their voices in the conversation about body image and mental health. They speak about how our body image experiences impact our mental wellbeing, what it means to have a peaceful relationship with our bodies, common traps that we may fall into as we heal these relationships, and more!
Episode 11

Reimagining... Parenting in a Pandemic (with Areej Jaffrani)

In this episode, we talk about the types of stressors that parents are facing right now, how the stress that parents are feeling can spill over to affect their children, how parents can support their children in developing resilience in the face of unpredictability, and why taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of others.
Episode 10

Reimagining... Uncertainty (with Professor Tom Barry)

In this fourth and final episode of the “Reimagination” series, we speak with Professor Barry about how we can learn to see uncertainty as a beautiful part of our lives as human beings, why it is an intolerance of uncertainty rather than the uncertainty itself that results in distress, how we can develop resilience during unpredictable times in our lives, and much, much more.
Episode 9

Reimagining... The Digital Workplace (with Sonja Robinson)

In this episode, we invite you to reimagine the digital workplace - We talk about how we can learn to see this time of instability and unfamiliarity as an opportunity to grow, how we can align our purpose with our impact, and how we can take care of ourselves and others during this disorienting time.
Episode 8

Reimagining... Eating Disorders (with Gabrielle Tuscher)

In this episode, we invite you to reimagine eating disorders - deadly mental health conditions that are too often misunderstood by the general public. We talk about what eating disorders are, how the line between “harmless dieting” and disordered eating can be very blurred, why societal misconceptions about eating disorders are harmful, and how you can start developing a healthier relationship with food and your body.
Episode 7

Worplace Stress & Anxiety with Dr. Bonnie Cheng

Tension, distress, Feeling negative emotions, feeling mentally drained, distracted, having a mental fog, being tired all the time, or sleeping issues. Learn what businesses can do to quantify these, and more importantly what individuals can do to alleviate the stressors
Episide 6

Mental Health and Diversity & Inclusion in the SWIRE group of companies

How does a global conglomerate with different nationalities, cultures, religions, ages, gender identities and sexual orientations manage their business to become even more inclusive? Swire believes in unleashing creativity and supporting competitiveness, in order to generate strong and sustainable long-term growth.
Episode 5

Stress... and the correlation between Mood and Movement

So how does physical activity help improve your mood & common well-being? Does it contribute to reducing anxiety and depression? Mindfulness...how does it enter into this equation? Dr. Chan walks us through all the benefits of each...and why they work to improve your mood.
Episode 4

Treating stress

So now what? What can we do to address #stress? From compartmentalization, reappraisals to desensitization...treatment methods are constantly evolving on how we can address stress. Dr. Chan breaks down each method, along with the advantages of them.

Stress... and how to identify it

Have you ever wondered what causes you stress? Even if you recognize that you're stressed, can you pinpoint what's the actual root cause? We're joined this week by Dr Meanne C.M. Chan of Hong Kong University to discuss good ways to recognize when you are feeling stressed.
Episode 2


Our esteemed guest is Dr. Tom Joseph Barry from the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. Podcast host Justin Choo speaks to Professor Barry about phobias, what they are and more importantly, how you can address some of these phobias to overcome them.
Episode 1

Welcome to Have You Eaten

A new podcast about mental health, brought to you by Neurum Health. In our inaugural episode, we'll be speaking with CEO of Neurum Health on why we're starting a podcast, talking about challenges and how to cope with these issues.