Case study
Boosted results of MMoser Associate's physical well-being initiative by 25%

In August 2022, Neurum surveyed staff at M Moser & Associates’ Shanghai office to understand employees' needs in terms of their ideal workspace. The results indicated a “Disconnect Room,” a communal/private quiet space in the office to disconnect from surroundings, enabling one to recharge, and regain focus and mental peace during a stressful day. Taking the results into account, M Moser & Associates took the onus of building one which is near completion.

In this case study you will learn:

  • How all employees showed significant improvement in their well-being scores as validated by DASS-21
  • How the Neurum app boosted the effectiveness of their existing well-being initiative


Integrating mindfulness into workplace design is crucial for improving employee mental wellbeing and increasing productivity. Mindfulness is a practice that can reduce emotional exhaustion, increase job satisfaction, productivity, and focus.

A collaboration between M Moser & Associates and Neurum Health, a mental health tech company, aimed to incorporate mindfulness practices into office spaces by building an interactive meditation room using tailored content curated by Neurum. The Neurum app offers personalised programmes and recommendations to users to reduce stress levels and improve mental wellbeing.

In a study conducted with 50 employees, all participants showed significant improvement in their wellbeing scores after four weeks of using the app and the disconnect room. An overall reduction in negative mental health symptoms, presenteeism, and work productivity loss was reported. Additionally, the group which used the Neurum app in conjunction with the disconnect room showed a 25% faster reduction in symptoms. Thoughtful workplace design can foster a more resilient workforce, and practices that support mental health, such as mindfulness, are essential for organisational success.

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