We are on a mission to connect people better with themselves, and with those around them.

Directly where we live, work, play, and learn.
Neurum Staffs having fun
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Behind our name
At Neurum, we aim to shine a light and navigate care that's unique to you. So wherever you are in your story, you're met where you are, with clarity of mind. The personal experiences of the co-founders have collectively turned living experience into gaining expertise, into entrepreneurship.
Our values

Diversity of thoughts

Celebrating our difference belongs at the heart of Neurum. We’re a proud partner of the Equal Opportunity Commission in Hong Kong, working with brilliant ethnic minority talents.

Have serious fun

Build with credibility, creativity, beer and skittles.

Find the truth, quickly

Quick and clever in finding core truths, and always thinking in first principles.

Build for good

Positive impact that lasts a long time, and do no harm along the way.

The team putting your priorities first.

Where science met shared values and heart.
Megan Lam
CEO, Co-Founder
Caleb Chiu
CTO, Co-Founder
Adrian B. Wong
Marketing and Communication Lead
Himani Kulkarni
Psychology Programme Lead
Dr. Meanne Chan
Research Partner
Dr. Bonnie Cheng
Research Partner
Catherine Tong
Data Science Advisor
Christine Chiu
Clinical Psychology Advisor