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One platform for everyone

Making sure every person’s unique needs are met with the right level of care can be difficult. We take care of your people on their terms, in a meaningful manner. From tailored self-guided digital programmes to wide-ranging professional human care, the Neurum app platform supports and is trusted from internal workforce to wider customer communities.
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Effective & measurable digital solution
Research data that showcases substantial improvements in the mind health.
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Essential for every business

Measure your community impact

Our solution provides businesses with aggregated insights for solid proof points to incorporate in ESG or social responsibility reporting to truly put the ‘count’ in accountability. All data is protected with industry-standard encryption, privacy and security. Member identities are safe and non-identifiable.
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Caring for every mind
Self-guided digital programmes
Navigate life’s various story arcs, on your terms, in your pace. The vast multi-lingual and interactive library ensures there is something for everyone, and is constantly updated for fresh perspectives.
  • Personalized self-care & skill building programs
  • Gold-standard mental health screening
  • Mind health and lifestyle insights and progress
Meaningful connections to human care
Seamless and personalised connections to the right coach and/ or therapist for you. Powered by our precision engine to remove the guesswork and barriers commonly faced at this step of the journey, so your next step is with confidence, clarity, and assurance.
  • Professional matching based on needs
  • Certified coaches, counsellors, clinical psychologists
  • Direct scheduling and consultations
Hear it from our community

At the beginning I didn’t really know much about mental health... but now I find myself applying the skills and knowledge I learned from the Neurum app at work and even outside of work...It is a good investment for yourself.

Peter Liu

Senior Engineer at Process Automation International

Mental Health is an aspect that people in the office do not realise. Ascent Partners has invested in providing the Neurum app to our staff members so that we can keep our mind and body well. After using the app, I feel safe and confident at work.

Andrew Wright

Head of Marketing at Ascent Partners
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