Clara is a smart application that benchmarks workplace mental wellness in a quantifiable, confidential, and sustainable way.


Clara provides continuous bench-marking to first understand how the workforce is doing via gold-standard measures.


Clara’s core technology picks up micro-signals of everyday behaviours to enable personalised and proactive support.


Clara offers assistance 24/7 through nudges, digital exercises, and direction to existing company resources.



“This makes me feel like I'm listening to my people better...We all know that happy and healthy people is the way forward, and Clara is a practical way to do it.” 

—  Arjun, US Equities Team Lead



Neurum envisions a world where we can live life on the fly, at ease that we - and those we care about - are met with the right support wherever we are on the mental health spectrum. We leverage the power of real-world and real-time data to tell the story of an individual’s behavioural health journey, and use machine learning to turn this power into early flags of health risk. This is made possible through a team with aligned skill-sets and vision, driven by their own stories. 

Megan Lam


Meg built a multidisciplinary team during her fellowship at Yale School of Medicine investigating digital data from connected devices to find patterns on depressive symptoms. There, co-founded emeritus Psychiatry Technology Group. She serves on the board of GIANT Health events, and advised corporate-founded network, Shared Value Project HK’s mental health initiative. Meg is a regular speaker on the intersection of health technologies and wellness, and consults on global developments in this arena.

Caleb Chiu


Caleb is an expert in consumer applications, spending 8 years building top charting products as a full-stack software engineer. He has leveraged his skills from Bloomberg, to developing AI-enabled digital therapeutics alongside Imperial College's Department of Psychology. Testament to this, Caleb moved back to Hong Kong and founded a government-backed mental health technology company, focusing on students and systemic social support systems. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Imperial College London.  

Juwon Lee

Data Engineer

Juwon holds a double-degree, with a Major in Computer Science and Minor in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology at The University of Hong Kong. She is passionate about uncovering hidden insights from various streams of health data, and making use of them for improving both mental and physical health. Juwon has a strong track record of applying her technical skills in spear-heading machine learning proponents in award-winning research projects in collaboration with the School of Medicine.





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