The Guide to Measuring and Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

This guide covers the importance of measuring the level of knowledge and acceptance of mental health issues among employees to devise interventions for mental wellbeing. It highlights the concept of burnout, its multidimensional impacts, and the role of organizational practices in curbing it.

Moreover, this guide shed light on the consequences of presenteeism on employee productivity due to physical or mental health, and the need to spot it to maintain the good quality of mental health in the organization. Measuring presenteeism can be a critical indicator of the quality of mental health in the organization.

This guide will take leaders through several important considerations when assessing, strategising and deploying mental health-related initiatives.

What will guide cover:

  • Assess & Implement Holistically
  • Lead by Example
  • Ask Your People
  • No one-size-fits all
  • Think of turning to healthtech industry
  • Supporting employees to support
  • Create designated positions
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