Designing an effective workplace mental wellbeing strategy

Along with our research partners, we developed a cross-disciplinary blueprint on how to kickstart and enhance your workforce behavioural health strategy that is sustainable, scaleable, and proactive.

What you'll learn

  • Mental health 101
  • The comprehensive guide outlining key ingredients — from a stakeholder mapping to tips on inclusive messaging
  • An evaluation of existing workplace wellness solutions
  • How-to on incorporating digitalised mental health approaches


The Future of Work and Health has collided and are aligned in building a sustainable, inclusive, and well workforce. Investment in mental health and workplace wellness is essential for a healthy business. Organizations are increasingly incorporating mental health resources, employee assistance programs, and stress management techniques into their HR guide to promote employee wellbeing and engagement.

By providing access to mental health technology, resilience training, and burnout prevention initiatives, organizations can create a corporate mental health culture that promotes mental health awareness and support. This helps to foster a positive workplace culture, reduce turnover, and increase employee satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Furthermore, by prioritizing work-life balance, career development, performance management, recognition and rewards, competitive compensation, benefits packages, flexibility, and training and development, organizations can promote employee empowerment, engagement, and leadership development, creating happy employees who are motivated to succeed.

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