Don't Get Neural About Mental Health Access

Mental health struggles can affect anyone, yet access to care is not equal. Income, stigma, and lack of mental health literacy prevent many in Hong Kong from getting the help they need. However, innovative technologies like the Neurum app offer new avenues to democratise mind healthcare.

Pun intended - we should absolutely "get neural" about mental health! Neurum's mission is to make quality mental healthcare available to all. Our app is powered by Precision A.I and designed by an empathetic and inclusive approach to provide self-care tools, self-paced learning programmes, assessments, and smart recommendations to professional coaches and therapists. This scalable solution can reshape a landscape where only the privileged few have access to care.

In Hong Kong, around 1 in 7 people suffer from common mental disorders like anxiety and depression. However, cultural stigma and lack of understanding mean few seek help. Nearly half of residents exhibiting symptoms do not receive treatment. Cost is another barrier, with prohibitive fees and inadequate insurance coverage. Lower-income individuals face the highest risk for mental health issues, yet have the most limited access to support. They may lack time off work, childcare, and transportation to seek in-person counselling. Many cannot afford private psychiatry fees that can run over HK$1500 per hour session. While government clinics offer subsidised care, long waitlists mean help is not readily available.

This is where Neurum comes in. The Neurum app provides an accessible entry point to start the mind health journey. Users have 24/7 availability to a wide range of self-care tools and content. For those needing professional support, Neurum matches users with vetted counsellors and psychiatrists. By meeting people where they are - on their phones - Neurum breaks down geographical and financial barriers. User-friendly educational content improves mental health literacy as well.

Mental health struggles do not discriminate, yet quality treatment still remains out of reach for too many in Hong Kong. Neurum charts a new course where cost, stigma, and lack of awareness no longer stand in the way. The innovative app makes self-care convenient, discreet, and personalised. The time is now to close the mental health access gap in Hong Kong. With Neurum's scalable solution, we can bring care to all who need it.

Let's get neural about democratising mental healthcare! The app offers an empowering way for individuals and businesses to take action. Together, we can build a society where everyone has access to the mind health care support they deserve.

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