Empowering NGO Communities with Corporate Partners

At Neurum Health, our commitment extends far beyond individual growth and wellbeing; it reaches into the heart of social equality. Through our Human Care Credits Programme, we're paving the way for corporate partners to make a direct and transformative impact on society.

Our digital platform serves as a bridge, connecting those in need with the care they deserve. With a rich offering of over 300 bite-sized programmes and toolkits, coupled with gold standard AI mental health screening, and access to meaningful professional support, Neurum ensures that individuals can access the right resources at the right time.

At the core of our mission is a dual focus on personalised care and "business for good". Recently, we proudly announced our partnership with Bethune House, an NGO dedicated to supporting migrant women workers in Hong Kong. As part of this partnership, residents at Bethune House have full access to the Neurum app, which includes the Human Care feature — an AI-powered tool designed to recommend care options such as therapists, coaches, or psychiatrists based on individual needs.

Introduction seminar with Bethune House residents

What makes this partnership truly special is the generous involvement of our corporate customers. Unused Human Care Credits, purchased by these partners, are thoughtfully allocated to our partner NGOs tackling social and healthcare challenges head-on.

For residents at Bethune House, these unused credits translate into real-world support, enabling them to book appointments with our network of mental health professionals. We're especially proud to offer all members their first session absolutely free. These credits are important for these NGOs to provide vital care and support to those who might not have access otherwise. Through our collaboration with NGOs, we're taking corporate contributions far beyond the confines of the workplace, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

We encourage businesses to embrace their role in enhancing the wellbeing. By joining Neurum's platform and community, corporate partners are not only promoting the wellbeing of their stakeholders but also actively contributing to the sustainability and growth of our society.

At Neurum Health, we believe that together, we can uplift lives, empower communities, and drive positive change to one life at a time. Join us in this journey towards a more compassionate future.

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