Himani Kulkarni celebrates first year anniversary as Psychology Programme Lead
Himani Kulkarni recently celebrated her first year anniversary as our brilliant Psychology Programme Lead. Adrian Bebbinton Wong, Marketing & Communication Lead, talks to Himani about her Neurum journey.

Adrian: Why did you join Neurum Health?

Himani: When I had my first conversation with our leadership team, I was excited to see that Neurum looks at mental health as a part of holistic health, and an in the context of our cultures and needs. We aligned in our vision of simplifying the conversation around mental health and helping people connect to their emotional and behavioural health in a meaningful way.

Adrian: What made you interested in the mental health field?

Himani: Mental health is an essential part of our wellbeing and is just recently being talked about for how important a role it plays in our lives. I always wanted to engage with wellbeing work that connects with people and mental health helps me work with various areas of people’s lives and contribute to it.

Adrian: What keeps you motivated?

Himani: My biggest motivation is the work itself. Being able to engage with people in a meaningful way and think for what culturally makes an impact in our extremely scheduled lives, keeps me motivated to do my best in the field. Also, it really helps to have a wonderful team of people who are available to problem solve and share whenever there is need.

Adrian: What does growth mean to you?

Himani: Growth is such a subjective measure. For me, being better consistently, even if gradually, is always a great indicator. I believe that change is important to me and a steady change is my idea of growth.

Adrian: What do you do to practise mindfulness?

Himani: Mindfulness is a tool that helps me feel more centred in my life. I like to take walks, especially barefoot on grass or sitting near the water.

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