Joash Paul Guevara joins Neurum Health as Product Designer

We are thrilled to announce that Joash Paul Guevara has joined Neurum Health as a Product Designer. Joash will be focused on enhancing the user experience of the Neurum app.

Adrian Bebbington Wong, our Marketing & Communication Lead, talks to Joash about his inspirations.

Adrian: What excites you about joining Neurum Health?

Joash: I'm thrilled about the opportunity to join the company because of the growing need for good mental health products. What excites me the most is the challenge of building experiences that aren't just delightful but impactful. I believe the products we design will play a crucial role in improving people's mental and lifestyle health and wellbeing. Creating solutions that make a difference in people's lives makes the work even more rewarding.

Adrian: What keeps you motivated?

Joash: Knowing that our work is making a difference and improving people's mental health is incredibly fulfilling. It gives me a sense of purpose and drives me to continuously improve and innovate. I'm proud to be part of a team that is making a positive impact in the world, and that motivates me to keep pushing forward, even when the work is challenging.

Adrian: What does growth mean to you?

Joash: One cannot define growth without humility. Being humble allows us to acknowledge our limitations, learn from our mistakes, and seek out new opportunities. Humility also helps us build stronger relationships as we are more likely to listen to others, show empathy, and collaborate effectively.

Adrian: Tell us an interesting fact about you!

Joash: I come from a very musical family. Both my parents and brother sing and play instruments well. Although I wasn’t blessed with vocal chops like the rest of them, I’ve been playing the drums since I was 12 and can hold a solid groove!

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