Threads and FOMO: What do they have in common?

The recent launch of Threads, an 'alternate Twitter' as some may call it, has seen record-breaking new sign-ups, notably being the fastest yet with already a million users within 1.5 hours of its launch. The app operates as its name suggests: via Threads. You can post a picture or simply a message, and others can like, share, and respond to it. Against the backdrop of the launch in the heated market, FOMO has not been getting enough attention as it should have deserved. If anything, right now might be the best time to talk about it since those who have been late to join the 'threaders' now feel like they might've lost the opportunity to put themselves out there, especially brand influencers who need all the media attention they can get to promote their products and marketing campaigns.

What exactly is FOMO? 

FOMO stands for "fear of missing out." It's a feeling of anxiety or unease that arises from the idea that others might be experiencing something better or more exciting than you. FOMO can occur in various contexts, but it often arises in social situations, such as when one sees photos of friends on social media attending a fun event or travelling to an exotic location, which is further amplified because of Threads. 

FOMO can lead individuals to feel pressured to participate in activities or events, even if they do not truly want to or cannot afford to. It can also lead to excessive use of social media or other technologies as individuals try to stay connected and keep up with the latest trends and events, which is another problem highlighted by Instagram users.

FOMO is a common phenomenon in today's digital era, where social media and other forms of online communication make it easier to see what your friends and families are doing and to compare one's own life to those of others. This, combined with the fact that Threads is heavily tied in with Instagram, makes it harder to go on a social detox or use these apps without feeling like you have to chase that dopamine boost.

Seemingly insignificant yet cumulatively impactful, apps such as Threads have the potential to make connections with others but possibly break connections within yourself. Try to spend some time with your drink of choice on the Neurum app, where content is more tailored to your mental health needs rather than excessive external validation.

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