Unlocking life's meaning and purpose with Yo-Yo Ma & more guests

Discover the keys to unlocking life's meaning and finding purpose with "Bach, Unlocking Meaning, and Finding Purpose", presented by CafeMedia.

Music Art Life: Bach, Unlocking Meaning, and Finding Purpose is an eight-week interactive journey, guided by legendary artist Yo-Yo Ma, in which J.S. Bach’s six suites for solo cello serve as the starting point for a wider exploration of culture’s lessons for creativity, community, and the pursuit of a rich and purposeful life.

The experience begins with a series of filmed workshops with Yo-Yo and a group of rising cellists, which explore Bach’s music and raise bigger questions about art and life. Participants will then be guided through a sequence of interactive discussions organized around the suites, connecting in a virtual community space, diving into the core themes in real time, and collaborating to create their own speculative blueprints for building purposeful lives. Along the way, they’ll be invited to listen in on a series of livestreamed conversations between Yo-Yo and special guests, including The New York Times Best Sellers Krista Tippett, Jacob Collier, Baratunde Thurston, and Adam Grant.

As Yo-Yo Ma says:
"Bach’s six cello suites have been my constant musical companions. For almost six decades, they have given me sustenance, comfort, and joy during times of stress, celebration, and loss. What power does this music possess that even today, after three hundred years, they continue to help us navigate our search for meaning and purpose? I believe, truly, that if you look deeply enough into anything, you find the world. Join us as we explore how culture can help us seek truth, build trust, and act in service of one another."

The experience includes:

- 8 weeks of rich programming, including 4 livestream sessions with Yo-Yo Ma, conversations with special guests such as Krista Tippett, Baratunde Thurston, and Adam Grant, and weekly discussions in a private online community.
- Weekly releases of video episodes featuring Yo-Yo Ma, four rising young cellists, and an audience of co-creators on a collaborative journey through Bach’s six solo suites for cello.
- Bonus content, including behind-the-scenes footage, additional interviews and performances by the cellists, and a rarely seen, archival recording of Yo-Yo Ma performing Bach’s six suites for solo cello.
- Access to a private community for connection and collaboration with fellow explorers, with dedicated spaces for discussion, week-by-week engagement around the program materials – and special visits from Yo-Yo!

Date: May 1 - June 22, 2023

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Yo Yo Ma

Tickets are available at https://www.musicart.life/

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