Tuesday, June 27, 2023
4:30PM HKT
A Modern Approach to Employee Motivation & Productivity

Our team's research paper on the "Impact of a Digital Intervention Tool for Workplace Behavior and Emotional Wellbeing on Employees' Stress, Motivation, and Productivity" has been accepted and published at The 2022 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology, organized by East Asia Research and supported by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and University of Derby.

On that note, we held a webinar to share the key findings with you and explore what businesses can do to maximize employees' productivity while taking care of their mental health with a personalized digital solution.

💻 Re-watch the webinar: https://youtu.be/T41q4N-Bt8o

During this insightful session, Himani Kulkarni, Psychology Program Lead at Neurum Health, shed light on how businesses can leverage the Neurum app to enhance efficiency and achieve results in personal and professional life.

Key Highlights:

✅ Results of the research paper on digital interventions and its relationship with reduced stress levels, increased motivation, and productivity.

✅ Unleashing the potential of personalized and scalable digital platforms.

✅ Real-life success stories and case studies from various industries.

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Himani Kulkarni
Psychology Programme Lead
Neurum Health
Psychology Programme Lead at Neurum Health


Adrian Bebbington-Wong
Marketing and Comms Lead
Neurum Health
Storyteller with experience in spearheading organisation-wide DEI campaigns, Adrian joined Neurum as a Beta user in 2020, and turned his passion in mind health into leading the marketing and communications practice of the company.