Tuesday, January 31, 2023
4PM - 5PM (HKT / SGT)
Minding our communities’ mental health

Titled “neu-Thoughts: Minding our communities’ mental health”, industry leaders from purposeful organisations will be sharing how the business sector works collectively to promote mental health awareness across their communities.

In this webinar, Gilbert, Fabrice and Marie-Charlotte will share the following:

  • The keys to building Business for Good
  • What does "community" mean to B Corp?
  • Why is the business sector putting more emphasis on their people?
  • What does mental health for B Corp, and what role does it play in health and wellness in the accreditation process?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges in fostering mental health amongst our communities?
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Gilbert Lee
Co-Chair and Founding Director
B Lab Hong Kong and Macau
Mr Gilbert Lee is the Co-Chair and founding director of B Lab Hong Kong & Macau, a NGO founded in 2020 (part of the global B Lab network originated in 2006) to promote the movement of business as a force for good through B Corporations certification (via the B Impact Assessment) for for-profit corporations which voluntarily meet high standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, with an aim to create value to all stakeholders namely Workers, Customers, Communities and the Environment, in addition to shareholders. He is also the Principal Consultant and Executive Director of Education for Good (the first Certified B Corp in Hong Kong) and the first training and consulting firm dedicated to nurture social innovation and social entrepreneurship, that he firmly believes, are crucial to drive the movement of social businesses focusing on profit-purpose double bottom-line.
Fabrice Bayon
Strategy & Impact Director
Fabrice is a visionary and a changemaker. Thanks to his business and engineering skills, he constantly focuses on designing and implementing innovative, profitable and sustainable policies. He is also deeply convinced that sustainability is one of the major topic to deal with for the coming decades. Before joining PALO IT, Fabrice worked with SPRING LAB, RATP DEV– OPEN TOUR.
Marie-Charlotte Montaut
Sustainability & Transparency Senior Specialist
Davines Group
Marie-Charlotte Montaut is Sustainability & Transparency Senior Specialist at the Davines Group. Originally from Brittany, a French region, which has suffered eight oil disasters at sea in the last 50 years, she soon became convinced of the need for a direct and concrete commitment on the part of companies in the field of sustainability. This conviction naturally led her to move towards corporate social responsibility and to work for companies involved in the subject, including Davines. At Davines, Marie-Charlotte coordinates the B Corp certification process and works to maximize the company's transparency towards external stakeholders.


Adrian Bebbington-Wong
Marketing and Comms Lead
Neurum Health
Storyteller with experience in spearheading organisation-wide DEI campaigns, Adrian joined Neurum as a Beta user in 2020, and turned his passion in mind health into leading the marketing and communications practice of the company.