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Calculate the impact for not implementing preventative care.
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Employees are not coping well and need support
of productivity lost due to mental health problems
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Case study

10x growth in participation amongst a majority Chinese population at PAL

Learn how PAL looked to Neurum Health to successfully launch its first mental health initiative internally to a majority Chinese population.
Case study

86% of PALO IT signs up for the Neurum Health's wellness app

Learn why 86% of employees signed up for Neurum's wellness app and why PALO IT entrusted Neurum Health with their first mental health initiative.

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Delivering Bad News with Mindfulness

Learn three effective and mindful steps: preparation, delivery and transition, to minimise the impact of bad news.

Designing an effective workplace mental wellbeing strategy

A cross-disciplinary blueprint on how to kickstart and enhance your workforce behavioural health strategy that is sustainable, scaleable, and proactive.

Empowering Managers to Support Mental Health

Learn practices which you can adopt to foster enhanced wellbeing and nurture a bond with your teammates

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Minding our communities’ mental health

Join us and learn how to take care of your communities' mental health.
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